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Note - Date/time subject to change due to Covid exposure protocols

Feb. 1 - SSHS Boys Basketball
Feb. 5 - CCHS Winter Sports
Feb. 8 - SSHS Wrestling
Feb. 26 - MCHS Winter Sports (Rescheduled on 2/3)
Feb. 28 - Reed HS Boys Basketball


We are excited to offer this new photo event for your family! We wanted to take this time to discuss several key points regarding Picture Day, what we’re doing to keep your players safe during the pandemic, available prints and products, and more. Please review this information below, which includes examples of our customized products (banner, memory mate and sports poster).

This is open to all players as determined by the school. Senior orders - we will communicate with you after photos are taken to discuss which pose you want for the prints. For orders of non-senior athletes, you will receive prints of one pose. If you order a package, you will receive a 30% discount off our online products (future orders). All sales are final.

If you need to get a hold of us, please email [email protected]

What to Expect

Players will be photographed in multiple poses, including action, which will be used to help create designs for seniors and team photos, for example. Players can bring in props, like a letterman’s jacket, trophy, etc. We will be using some of our equipment advances to enhance the portrait photos and make them really stand out this year. For schools that have established teams, instead of the traditional team photo, we will design one of their poses into a team photo. The composite will include photos of each player designed into one image.

Picture Day Ordering

To ensure a contactless experience, only online orders will be accepted (no cash or checks, please) and the order link will be live until February 15, 2021 (or 7 days after the school’s scheduled event, whichever is later). Visit the link above to order. Packages are available and vary in the number of prints and sizes. Magnets and memory mates, as well as additional options, are available to order as an add-on; a package needs to be selected first.

Buddy/friend poses will not be photographed this year due to the pandemic. For seniors, we strongly encourage families to join us for picture day to get a photo of everyone together.

During the ordering window, we will examine orders for any discrepancies and notify you if anything else is needed. If you need to modify your order, please email us no later than 7 days after your team’s picture day.

After photo orders have been delivered, you can still place an order but will need to pay for shipping. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Photo Delivery Day

Orders will be delivered or shipped to the school within 4 weeks of picture day. It’s likely this will be sooner, but the time allows us to design special keepsakes.  The delivery date is subject to change due to pandemic restrictions that may be in place (e.g., photo lab may be closed). We will stay in touch with the school, which will inform the players and their families when photos are ready to pick up.

COVID-19 Protocol

Safety is and has always been our No. 1 priority. Due to the pandemic, we require that players and their families, and team personnel wear a mask or face covering while social distancing from their teammates when in line to get their photo.

We will be masked up the entire time and adhering to the social distancing and county school district health and safety protocols


Prints and Products Available to Pre-order

The following is available to pre-order. All orders must be completed online at the link below to ensure a contactless experience. Additional prints and products can be purchased after pre-orders have been delivered to the school. All pre-orders will include a coupon code for 30% off additional purchases from the photo event.


Each player will be photographed in multiple sports poses and with his/her family if they wish.

Parents will choose which pose to be printed for each size in the packages.




Package 1

5 – 8x10
6 – 5x7
4 – wallets (set of 4)
1 – digital download


Package 2

3 – 8x10
3 – 5x7
2 – wallets (set of 4)
1 – digital download


Package 3

2 – 8x10
1 – 5x7
1 – wallets (set of 4)


Senior Only Memory Mate Package

1 – 8x10 Memory Mate
2 – 4x5 Magnets


Senior Only Digital Package

High resolution digital files (up to 7) of each pose with printing rights. Seniors only






Print Options & Cost

Senior Only Player Sports Poster

Using multiple poses photographed during the event, these will be designed into 1 image with the player’s name, school name and mascot (and logo) displayed on the collage. Draft provided at no cost for review before printing. Not available for freshmen-juniors

8x10 Plaque - $30
8x10 Metal - $35
8x10 Lustre Print - $20
16x20 Poster Print - $40

Special Order: email [email protected] to place your order.

Senior Only Memory Mate

Includes 2 photos designed into 1 vertical image printed on lustre-coated paper. One photo is of the senior player in a vertical pose and the second is of the senior with his or her family in horizontal format. Player’s name and school’s name are printed.

8x10 - $20


Single image printed on lustre-coated paper.

4x5 Magnet - $5
Wallets (4) - $5
5x7 - $10
8x10 - $15

Senior Panoramic Banner

Image of each senior and coach extracted and designed into a banner. Draft provided at no cost for coach to review before printing. Not available for freshmen-juniors.

10x30 - $35

Special Order: email [email protected] to place your order.


Customized Products

Senior Year Sports Poster

Posters for basketball will look like the examples shown below with logos and the player’s name written on the ball. Player’s name and jersey number, school name and graduation year will be displayed.

For all other winter sports, the design will look similar (minus the ball enclosed in the trophy case).

Kaltenbacher PosterKaltenbacher Poster   Moody-Isom PosterMoody-Isom Poster

Memory Mate

8x10 Vertical8x10 Vertical

Panoramic Banner

Spanish Springs BB BannerSpanish Springs BB Banner

SSHS BannerSSHS Banner