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Ordering for NNJ Portraits is closed. Orders will be fulfilled and delivered to NNJ by end of March.

Action photos can be pre-paid. Options also include portrait photos combined with the action package. See below for more information about action photo packages.

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Welcome to our page dedicated to Northern Nevada Juniors (NNJ), the premier youth girls sports organization in Northern Nevada. On this page, you will find information on our involvement with NNJ, including links to photo galleries and order forms.

We will photograph the 2021-2022 season portraits in January using a traditional volleyball setup (net in the background) and then will be photographing the teams during their tournaments in Reno and Roseville. Check out our work on this page so you know what to expect from us.  For more information on our sports portraits, visit www.rememberthisfamily.com/sportsportraitorder.

Action Photo Packages

We will be at one WCVBA league tournament in addition to the Sierra National Qualifier in March and Far Westerns in April. Players who purchased an action photo pass during the fall 2021 high school season receive 20% off. 

Single Tournament Pass
3 sets from one tournament. Option to upgrade. Photos are redeemed by coupon code for downloading the digital files. Client will browse galleries to select photos for downloading. No private gallery.

Season Passes
Photos Only: 6 sets from single or multiple tournaments. Photos are redeemed by coupon code for downloading the digital files. Client will browse galleries to select photos for downloading. No private gallery.
Photos & Poster*: 6 sets from single or multiple tournaments. Private gallery created. Includes custom-designed sports poster and digital download (no print).
Action & Portrait Pack: Same as Photos & Poster plus digital downloads from NNJ Photo Day. Downloads include two player photos (one for headshot and one for team composite) and the team photo (3 files total).

*Our sports posters are composed of two to five images, ranging from action to candid, into one image and are eye-catching as they tell another side of the player's story. It's designed to be printed as an 8x10 or 16x20. 

Poster Example

Becca McCassie NNJ 2021 PosterBecca McCassie NNJ 2021 Poster

Action Photo Samples



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About NNJ

Northern Nevada Juniors Volleyball Club is dedicated to the promotion and development of girls' volleyball in Northern Nevada.  We are based in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area and are a member of and participate in events sanctioned by the Northern California Volleyball Association, a region of USA Volleyball.  The Northern Nevada Juniors program uses volleyball as a vehicle to improve each of our student athletes as both players and people, point by point. We promote discipline, commitment and teamwork and encourage competitive, confident attitudes while maintaining high levels of sportsmanship. 

NNJ works to make sure the discipline players learn on the court is also transferred into the classroom. Our primary goal is provide the best skills and experience in order to help our student athletes reach their highest potential. Point by point, NNJ helps develop the total person, one who upholds standards of integrity and respect with strong character and self-esteem. We strive to help each athlete reach her personal goals--whether it is to play at the collegiate level, make the Varsity team in high school or learn cooperative life skills for success off the court.