NNJ 15 Nate Day 2 (185)NNJ 15 Nate Day 2 (185)

**Coronavirus Update: Pre-pay is not available but we plan to be at all scheduled events unless they are postponed or cancelled. All who ordered will be contacted**

NNJ Action Photo Pass Form

Before completing your order, we ask that you review the information on this page, including our terms and conditions. All sales are final. Prices are subject to change without notice. Visit www.rememberthisfamily.com/sports to read more about our sports photography.

Sports Passes and Products

All images are released for 1 player.  No prints are included except for the canvas options. A print release is available at no additional charge.  Photos are high resolution (minimum 5,000 pixels) and are uncropped and edited only for lighting. For player passes, photos are redeemed by sharing favorites with the photographer and a private gallery will be created.


Sports Player Photo Pass
We will be at a minimum one match and this can increase depending on if requests are submitted for your team. This includes all photos taken for 1 player during the Reno club tournaments (Sierra Qualifier in March and Far Westerns in April, at a minimum). 

Sports Posters
Our sports posters are multiple images composed into one single image are eye-catching and tell another side of the player's story. These are composed of two to five images, ranging from action to candid. Composites are sold separately from the photo pass. It's designed to be printed as an 8x10 or 16x20 poster. A canvas option is available when you book the player photo pass. 

What's Next?

Before placing your order, please review our terms and conditions (click HERE) that go over what to expect and how this works. You will be asked on the order form to acknowledge these terms and conditions.  After payment has been completed, we will contact you to discuss your upcoming game.  

Requests will not be photographed if payment is not received. 

Please email us at [email protected] if you need to get a hold of us.