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With 20 years of state and national award-winning sports journalism and photography, you're getting more than just action photos of your star.  You're getting a documented story told through imagery that words cannot describe.  We want you to feel at ease when watching your children compete on the field or court. You should be able to enjoy your child's game and not miss a moment.

The student section storming the court.
A mother embracing her son after hitting the game-winner with no time left.
A relay team awaiting its fate after breaking record after record.
A wrestler becoming the school's first four-time state champ. 
Behind every photo is a story. 

We offer single-player and team game passes along many other products, including our popular Sports Poster.  Continue reading below for more information. 

Visit the links above to begin booking your sports pass, view available galleries or check out our schedule.  Our schedule fills up fast so don't delay!  

"We are lucky to have you taking such great pictures documenting events that are so important to our family."

How Does This Work?

Katelyn Garnett FlagKatelyn Garnett Flag

  • After you have booked your action sports pass, we will be in touch to go over specific information about the game and your player.
  • We try to arrive a little early to catch some of the warm-ups and then it's game on. We don't stay in one spot during the game. We love to get close to the action from a variety of angles. Some photos are zoomed out, many are zoomed in.
  • We also are very active on social media during the game, giving your player amazing exposure to our growing number of followers. You can see in-game updates on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. 
  • The number of photos is not the same for every player because of circumstances out of our control like player's position or playing time. For example, if your player's the point guard for the school's basketball team, the number of photos will be more than that of a center or someone coming off the bench. It truly varies but we are confident that regardless of the circumstances, you will have plenty of photos.  
  • Our passes are not exclusive so we also try to get photos of other players during the game.
  • After the game, please allow up to a week for photos to be available online. They will be uploaded into game galleries and from there, you will be able to view, select your favorites and share with us to put into your own gallery. You have the option for a private gallery to be created, as well. Photos are not edited or cropped, which helps expedite the processing. However, we will edit photos for lighting, if necessary. 


We Give Back

Cooley_Lowry Playoffs_2-22-2019 (264)Cooley_Lowry Playoffs_2-22-2019 (264)

We pride ourselves tremendously on giving back to the community. Whether it's helping out the yearbook staff with photos, donating items for a silent auction or creating keepsakes for the senior class, we would not be out here doing what we love if it were not for these communities producing exceptional student-athletes.  If you're interested in learning more, click HERE




Our sports posters are multiple images composed into one single image are eye-catching and tell another side of the player's story. These are composed of two to five images, ranging from action to candid. Composites are sold separately from the photo pass and are priced at $100 for the digital image. It's designed to be printed as an 8x10 or 16x20 poster. And trust us when we say that you need to have this blown up because it looks incredible when it's hung up. It looks even better on canvas or metal.  For more information and to order, click HERE.



Tournament Photography

10U Saturday Silver State-Inferno (329)10U Saturday Silver State-Inferno (329)

We offer tournament photography service that is free to the hosting organization. We pre-sell tournament photo passes that guarantee digital images for your player.  Prints can be ordered on our website, as well. Pricing varies for each tournament but, generally, we will begin the pre-order process about two weeks before the event. For more information or to book us for your tournament, click HERE

Team and Individual Sports Portraits

We offer team and individual sports portraits in two formats: traditional and composite.  Traditional portraits is the classic team photo with everyone lined up whereas composites are much different.  Instead, we photograph each player separately and then design them into an image that can be made into a banner, for example.